Gas servicing

Ealing Council is legally required to do an annual gas safety check of all of the homes it manages. The servicing is a statutory requirement under health and safety legislation.  

Our contractors will send a letter arranging an appointment to carry out the check. If you cannot keep this appointment you need to contact them directly and reschedule. If you do not keep the arranged appointment they will send you a second letter arranging another appointment.

If you return home and there is tape on your letterbox stating 'URGENT ANNUAL GAS SERVICING REQUIRED' please keep the stated appointment in the letter - as this is your last chance before we seek legal action and you are charged for any costs.

Please do not ignore the letters. If you fail to keep your appointment we will seek legal action and you will be charged for any costs.

To find out when you are due for a gas servicing check contact us on 0800 181744 or (020) 8825 5682 and choose option 2 to be put through to our heating contractors.