Resident associations

Resident association groups play an important role in making sure residents' voices are heard. These groups do a lot of different things; some organise social activities for residents, some are more involved in housing management on their estates, and some are a mixture of both. 

If you are interested in setting up a resident association or would like more information, contact the resident involvement team by:

Ealing Council recognises the following resident associations:

Residents associations and community groups
(Recognised and supported by the resident engagement team) 
Acton Vale Resident Association Acton
Bedford Road Resident Association (Sheltered Housing) Chiswick
Cherry Close Resident Association (Sheltered Housing) Ealing
Copley Close Resident Association Hanwell
Gurnell Grove Resident Association Ealing
High Lane Residents Association Hanwell
Lindsey House Residents Association (Sheltered Housing) Ealing
Moreton and Rufford Resident Association  Acton
Neville Close Residents Association (Sheltered Housing) Acton
Northcote Avenue West Resident Association (Leaseholders) Ealing
St Andrew Resident Association (Sheltered Housing) Acton
Trinity Way Resident Association Acton
Working For You (W4U) Resident Association Acton
Buckingham Avenue Resident Association (Leaseholders) Perivale
Charter Court Resident Association (Sheltered Housing) Southall
Cheviot Court Resident Association (Sheltered Housing) Southall
Havelock Service Group (Community Group) Southall
Mount Pleasant Resident Association Southall
PeniOaks Resident Association (Sheltered Housing) Northolt
Campaigining for Action in Sheltered Housing (C.A.S.H) (open to all Ealing Council sheltered housing schemes) Boroughwide
Ealing Council Leaseholders Assocaition (E.C.L.A) (open to all Ealing Council leaseholders) Boroughwide
WiserHeads (Association that supports general needs tenants and leaseholders over 60) Boroughwide

Resident and community association governance manual