Door entry key fob

Council tenants and leaseholders living in a block of flats are given key fobs to get access to communal doors.

New tenants are given key fobs for family members over the age of eleven living in the property at the time the tenancy starts. If you have a child who has now reached twelve and needs a key fob, please contact tenancy management on 020 8825 8833 to speak to your housing officer.

Leaseholders should get fob keys from the previous owner of the property as part of the transfer of sale. The council will not give key fobs free of charge if you do not get them as part of your purchase.

Tenants of leaseholders should get key fobs from their landlord as part of their tenancy. It is the landlord's responsibility to give keys to the property they are renting to you, including door entry systems in communal areas. If they don't, please contact them and ask them to order a key fob for you.

No more than five key fobs will be issued for any property.

Key fob stops working

Please contact estate services on 020 8574 7385 and tell us the colour of the key fob that has become faulty, instead of placing an order online. Replacements are free if you return the faulty fob when you collect your replacement.

We do not give two fob keys of the same colour to any property. It is important you tell us the correct colour of the faulty fob as we overwrite that colour on our system and re-issue another one of the same colour. If you do not tell us the correct colour it may mean we overwrite the wrong key fob and one of your other key fob stops working.

For example, if you have two existing key fobs that are blue and green. The blue one has become faulty but you tell us that the green one has stopped working. We would then arrange to give you a green coloured replacement. Once the replacement key fob has been programmed, the green key will not work. To avoid delays, please make sure you give us the correct information.

Lost or stolen key fobs

The cost of a replacement key fob is £17.25.

If you have lost a key fob or it has been stolen, you can order a replacement online. We do not give two fob keys of the same colour to any property. It is important when you place your order, you tell us the correct colour of the fob, as we overwrite that colour on our system.  If you give us the wrong colour, it may mean one of your other key fob stops working.

If your key is stolen, you must give a valid computer aided despatch (CAD) reference number when you place your order. You get this from the police when you report the theft of your key fob. You will still need to pay for the replacement key when ordering online, but once the CAD number has been verified, the money will be refunded to your payment card.

Order a key fob

Need an extra key fob

The cost of an extra key fob is £17.25.

Please order online. As long as you do not already have five key fobs, your order will be processed. If you already have five fobs and place an order, it will be cancelled and your payment card refunded.

Order a key fob

Collecting your key fob 

Key fobs will be usually be available within ten working days. 

When you order online or call estates services for a key fob, you are usually given a choice of offices for collection. However, as our hub offices are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at present we will hand deliver the key fobs to your home. If there is a delay, we will keep you informed of the progress. 

If you do not have access to the web to order online, we have terminals at our customer service centre where help is available and staff at hub offices that can help you complete your order.