What is adult social care?

Adult social care in Ealing supports you to stay independent when you are not able to do so by yourself, or with the support of the people you know.

How do I get support from adult social care?

There are three main ways in which you might get support from adult social care:

  • By transitioning from receiving support from children’s services (ESCAN) to adult social care when you become an adult. As you approach adulthood this will be discussed with you.
  • By transferring to Ealing adult social care when you move to Ealing from another area, and had support from adult social care before you moved. When you tell your social worker you are moving they will contact Ealing adult social care to arrange the support you need once you have moved.
  • By contacting Ealing adult social care

What can I expect from adult social care?

Adult social care will provide you with the advice, support and guidance to lead your life as you choose to. This is done by assessing your needs and deciding on the best support for you.

An assessment could be:

  • Over the phone with a social care advisor
  • In person with a social worker

You can find out more on the what is an assessment page

Following your assessment you will decide on the right support for you, this could include:

  • Equipment and/or technology
  • Going to activities and organisations
  • Asking friends or family to help you with certain tasks
  • A carer or personal assistant
  • Deciding on where you live and who you live with