Annual canvass

Electoral register check

Every year, by law, we must contact households in Ealing borough to check if the details on the electoral register are correct. This is called the annual canvass. This runs from late August until the end of November.

The information we receive during the annual canvass is used to update the electoral register by confirming existing residents, inviting unregistered residents to apply to register, and removing the names of voters who no longer live at each address.

Additions and amendments made to the register during the canvass will take effect upon publication of the revised Register of Electors on 1 December 2023.

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in elections. This can also improve your credit rating.

When and how will we contact you

We will be starting the annual canvass at the end of August 2023. We will send all properties a household letter by post. This letter will explain how to respond to the letter and what action must be taken, if any.

The household letter will be addressed to the ‘Occupier’ because the person or people that we have registered at an address may no longer live there. The household letter must be completed by the existing residents.

Please respond to the form as quickly as possible so that we have the correct voter information for you on the electoral register.

If you do not respond straight away, we will send you a reminder and may visit in person to make sure we have the right details for your household. 

How to respond

This is different to registering to vote. You must do this even if you are already on the electoral register.

  • The quickest and easiest way to respond is online. You will need your security codes 1 and 2 shown on your household letter
  • If you are unable to respond online, you can respond by using the freephone number provided on the household letter
  • Alternatively, you can return the completed form by post to: Electoral Services, Greenford Hall, Ruislip, Greenford, UB6 9LP - a freepost return envelope will be included
  • If you need help understanding the letter or filling in the form, phone us on 020 8825 7777

Adding new names to the form or online

New names must be added to the household form. These new residents will not be included on the electoral register until they individually register to vote at the new address.

We will send an individual application by email or by post to all new eligible residents, but you can also complete an individual application online .

Details to be included on the canvass form

Everyone who is eligible to register to vote, including residents at the address who are:

  • a British, Irish or European Union citizen
  • a Commonwealth citizen who has leave to enter or remain in the UK or who does not require such leave
  • 16 year of age or above

A list of eligible nationalities is available on the Electoral Commission website.

If you are a national from an EU country, you are still eligible to vote in the UK.

If you do not qualify, you still need to respond to tell us that you do not qualify. Otherwise, we will continue to ask you for this information.

The following applies:

  • students can register at both their home address and term time address, but can only vote once in the same election
  • second homeowners can register at more than one address, but only if they reside in both and split their time equally between the two addresses, but can only vote once in the same election

Details not to be included on the canvass form

  • residents at the address who are under 16 years of age
  • residents who are not British, Irish, European Union or Commonwealth citizens
  • visitors temporarily staying at the address at the time the canvass communication is responded to
  • property owners who do not live at the address

If you no longer live at the property

Residents who do no longer live at the address can be removed online using the security codes 1 and 2 on the household letter or by returning the completed paper form.

Alternatively, if a registered elector has moved from an Ealing address, please let us know by email at so that we can remove their old details from the electoral register.

Change of name

To change your name on the electoral register, you will need to provide evidence of your name change; for example, a photocopy of a marriage certificate, deed poll certificate or up to date passport or photo driving licence.

Please email a photocopy of your evidence, alongside your current name, full address and how your name should appear on the electoral register to 

Alternatively, a photocopy of your evidence can be posted to: Electoral Services, Greenford Hall, Ruislip, Greenford, UB6 9LP.

Please do not post any original documents to our office.

Canvasser visit

Households that fail to respond to requests to confirm their information will be contacted by a canvasser who will visit the property in person.

If needed, personal visits to non-responding properties will take place from October 2023 until November 2023.