Information sharing

Information sharing protocol

To provide greater clarity around information sharing, Ealing has developed an information sharing protocol to establish a framework for statutory agencies and practitioners to share information. 

The protocol was agreed in January 2007 and is now being used by the following organisations in Ealing:

  • Ealing Council
  • Ealing Primary Care Trust
  • Ealing Hospital Trust 
  • West London Mental Health NHS Trust
  • Ealing Police
  • Ealing Probation Service
  • Ealing Fire Service
  • The Learning and Skills Council

The protocol provides an overall framework for the partner organisations to establish and regulate working practices in order to ensure that information is managed and shared on a lawful basis. It sets out the principles that all partner organisations will follow when using and sharing personal information.

If you want more detailed guidance for ' who can share what'  for your particular service then it might help to have a Information Sharing Agreement (ISA). ISA's can be specific as you need them to be.

Example of an ISA

Template for preparing your own ISA