The cabinet has ten members, including Councillor Mason, the leader of the council, and Councillor Costigan, deputy leader.

Each member has a specific area of responsibility (also known as a portfolio) and is accountable for the council's everyday decision-making process. The role and responsibility of a cabinet member include:

  • initiating policy
  • making decisions and implementing council policies within their portfolio
  • acting as spokesperson for the council on services and functions within their portfolio
  • being a member of cabinet and sharing the collective responsibility for decisions taken by the cabinet
  • developing partnership working with other organisations in the borough 

Cabinet members and a brief overview of their portfolio areas

  • Leader: Cllr Peter Mason
    Twitter: @petermason
    Policy and performance, reform and transformation, media and communications, community engagement
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • manifesto delivery
    • policy overview
    • major projects oversight
    • performance management
    • strategy and change
    • community engagement strategy
    • civil protection
    • elections
    • Local Strategic Partnership
    • communications, marketing, and public affairs
    • all executive functions not allocated to any other portfolio
  • Climate action and statutory deputy leader: Cllr Deirdre Costigan
    Twitter: @deirdrecostigan
    Active travel, climate crisis, highways, recycling and waste reduction, parks and green space, renewable energy
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • climate action and sustainability
    • air quality
    • strategic transport strategy and policy
    • TfL relations and LIP funding
    • Active Travel 
    • recycling, refuse, plastics, waste disposal and reduction
    • street cleansing
    • street lighting
    • environmental enforcement
    • waterways, canal paths and bridleways
    • road safety
    • traffic and congestion
    • parking, enforcement and CPZs
    • highways and footways
    • renewable energy
    • Gunnersbury Park
    • trees, parks and countryside
  • Inclusive economy - Cllr Steve Donnelly
    Twitter: @SteveDW3
    Finance, procurement, human resources, community wealth building (pension strategy remains the function of the Pensions Panel), social impact
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • budget and finance
    • community wealth building
    • social value and impact
    • digital borough
    • digital council
    • capital resources
    • councillors' allowances
    • income
    • investment and external funding
    • central government grants
    • risk management
    • fire health and safety (corporate)
    • pension strategy performance
    • equality and diversity (internal)
    • ICT and facilities
    • strategic procurement
    • human resources, internal training and skills
    • employee relations
    • legal services
    • democratic services
    • customer services and complaints
    • registrars
  • Tackling crime and antisocial behaviour - Cllr Jasbir Anand
    Twitter: @JasbirAnand2
    Public health, youth offending, eliminating violence against women and girls, youth service, policing, antisocial behaviour
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • youth service
    • youth offending
    • community safety (including ASB, drugs action and crime prevention)
    • public space protection 
    • police liaison
    • CCTV
    • eliminating violence against women and girls
    • Ealing Faith Forum
    • Citizens Tribunal (police accountability)
    • community cohesion
  • Safe and genuinely affordable homes - Cllr Louise Brett
    Twitter: @CllrLouiseBrett
    Temporary accommodation, housing demand, homelessness, and housing management
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • ​​​​​​The Social Housing Regulator referral and recovery plan
    • housing asset management
    • estate management
    • fire health and safety (housing)
    • HRA including business plan
    • housing allocations
    • tenancy management including housing hubs
    • homelessness and temporary accommodation management
    • housing strategy (with good growth and new homes)
    • Tenants Union
    • private housing sector supply and leasing
    • private rental sector licensing
  • Good growth and new homes - Councillor Shital Manro
    Twitter: @cllrshitalmanro
    Planning, major projects, council property, regeneration strategy, new homes
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • major projects
    • regeneration strategy
    • land charges
    • council property and assets
    • Local Plan and planning policy
    • building and development control
    • new housing supply, including HRA and Broadway Living
    • estate renewal
    • temporary accommodation (acquisition)
  • Healthy, equal lives - Cllr Polly Knewstub
    Twitter: @PKnewstub
    Public health, older people, adult social care, mental health, NHS
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • public health 
    • NHS relations
    • Integrated Care System and Partnership
    • NWL Health Accountability Board
    • adult social care
    • assessment and care services for older people and adults with needs arising from disabilities and mental health
    • accommodation and day activities
    • promoting independence
    • safeguarding adults
    • mental health
    • supporting people
    • disability facilities grants, handyperson scheme and other grants
    • sheltered housing
    • equality and diversity (external)
    • disabilities
    • Citizens Tribunal
  • Fairer start - Cllr Josh Blacker
    Twitter: @jkblacker
    Children’s social care, school’s performance, child poverty, SEN
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • children’s social care
    • child poverty
    • fostering and adoption
    • child protection
    • children’s homes
    • home and school transport
    • early help and family hubs
    • looked after children
    • nursery education and childcare
    • play service
    • primary and secondary education
    • school music and library service
    • special educational needs
    • Ealing Learning Partnership
  • Decent living incomes - Cllr Kamaljit Kaur Nagpal
    Twitter: @kamnagpal
    Community wealth building, licensing, economic regeneration, skills, employment welfare reform, business support, further and higher education
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • COVID19 recovery
    • economic development
    • community wealth building (with inclusive economy portfolio)
    • community development
    • post 16 education
    • adult education
    • benefits
    • apprenticeships
    • skills
    • employment
    • welfare reform
    • business support
    • financial inclusion
    • pre-employment programmes
    • economic resilience
    • economic regeneration
    • job clubs and brokerage
    • further education and higher education
    • regulatory services (environmental health, trading standards, licensing and community health and safety)
  • Thriving communities - Cllr Blerina Hashani
    Neighbourhood governance, volunteering, faith and community groups, libraries, sports, leisure and community centres, community cohesion, cemeteries and crematoria
    Duties and responsibilities:
    • sports and leisure centres 
    • sports development
    • halls and community centres
    • volunteering and community sector (including VCS grants)
    • libraries
    • neighbourhood coordination and town forums
    • public toilets
    • Pitzhanger Manor
    • culture, heritage and arts
    • tourism
    • Ealing festivals and events
    • refugees and asylum seekers
    • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community liaison
    • cemeteries and crematoria