The cabinet has ten members, including Councillor Peter Mason, the leader of the council, and Councillor Deirdre Costigan, deputy leader.  Each member has a specific area of responsibility (also known as a portfolio) and is accountable for the council's everyday decision-making process.

The role and responsibility of a cabinet member include:

  • initiating policy
  • making decisions and implementing council policies within their portfolio
  • acting as spokesperson for the council on services and functions within their portfolio
  • being a member of cabinet and sharing the collective responsibility for decisions taken by the cabinet
  • developing partnership working with other organisations in the borough.

Cabinet members including duties and responsibilities

  • Leader: Cllr Peter Mason
    Email: Twitter: @_petermason
    Leading the team delivering real change for Ealing, setting our political vision and engaging everyone to build an open, transparent and inclusive council. 
    • Manifesto delivery
    • Policy overview
    • Major projects oversight (with Good Growth portfolio)
    • Performance management
    • Reform and transformation
    • Community engagement
    • Neighbourhood governance
    • Civil protection
    • Member development
    • Elections
    • Local Area Agreement
    • Marketing and communications
    • Councillor’s allowances
    • Armed Forces Covenant
  • Deputy leader and climate action: Cllr Deirdre Costigan
    Email: Twitter: @deirdrecostigan
    Greening and keeping Ealing clean, achieving net zero carbon, and ensuring our parks, open spaces and nature are protected and enhanced. 
    • Climate action and sustainability
    • Air quality
    • Strategic transport strategy and policy
    • TfL relations and LIP funding
    • Active Travel (with Healthy Lives portfolio)
    • Recycling, refuse, plastics, waste disposal and reduction
    • Street cleansing
    • Street lighting
    • Environmental enforcement
    • Waterways, canal paths and bridleways
    • Road safety
    • Traffic and congestion
    • Parking, enforcement and CPZs
    • Highways and footways
    • Renewable energy
    • Gunnersbury Park
    • Trees, parks and countryside
  • Decent living incomes - Cllr Bassam Mahfouz
    Email Twitter: @BassamMahfouz
    Bringing new and well-paid jobs back to Ealing and securing a strong economic recovery where good businesses can thrive.
    • COVID19 recovery
    • Economic development
    • Community wealth building (with Inclusive Economy portfolio)
    • Community development
    • Post 16 education
    • Adult education
    • Benefits
    • Apprenticeships
    • Skills
    • Employment
    • Welfare reform
    • Business support
    • Financial inclusion
    • Pre-employment programmes
    • Economic resilience
    • Economic regeneration
    • Job clubs and brokerage
    • Further education and higher education
    • Regulatory services (environmental health, trading standards, licensing and community health and safety)
  • Inclusive economy - Cllr Steve Donnelly
    Email: Twitter: @SteveDW3
    Building wealth within the community by ensuring everything the council does increases social value and contributes to making ‚ÄčEaling a fairer place to live and work.  
    • Budget and finance
    • Community wealth building
    • Social value and impact
    • Digital borough
    • Digital council
    • Capital resources
    • Income
    • Investment and external funding
    • Central government grants
    • Risk management
    • ICT and facilities
    • Strategic procurement
    • Human resources, internal training and skills
    • Employee relations
    • Legal services
    • Customer services and complaints
    • Registrars
  • Genuinely affordable homes - To be confirmed
    Delivering our radical programme of social rent council house building, and ensuring our tenants are empowered and have ownership of their communities. 
    • Housing strategy and policy
    • Property and estates
    • Housing allocations
    • Temporary accommodation
    • Housing advice
    • Homelessness
    • Housing management
    • Housing hubs
    • Tenancy management
    • Rents
    • Estate renewal
    • Broadway Living
    • Leaseholder services
  • Good growth and new homes - Cllr Shital Manro
    Email: Twitter: @cllrshitalmanro
    Making sure the growth that takes place in Ealing enhances its character, conserves its future and makes great places people want to live.   
    • Major projects oversight (with Leader)
    • Regeneration strategy
    • Land charges
    • Private housing sector supply and leasing
    • Private rental sector licencing
    • Council property and assets
    • Local Plan and planning policy
    • Building and development control
  • Thriving communities - Cllr Jasbir Anand
    Email: Twitter: @JasbirAnand2 
    Bringing people together to build strong neighbourhoods, empowering volunteers, encouraging community activism, engaging civic and faith leaders, and delivering well-loved community facilities and services. ‚Äč 
    • Faith and community groups
    • Community cohesion
    • Sports and leisure centres (with Healthy Lives portfolio)
    • Sports development (with Healthy Lives portfolio)
    • Halls and community centres
    • Volunteering and community sector (including VCS grants)
    • Libraries
    • Cemeteries and crematoria
    • Public toilets
    • Pitzhanger Manor
    • Culture, heritage and arts
    • Tourism
    • Ealing festivals
  • A fairer start - Cllr Kamaljit Kaur Nagpal
    Email: Twitter: @kamnagpal
    Ensuring all our children and young people of all backgrounds get the best start in life, from their earliest years through to a great education.  
    • Children’s social care
    • Child poverty
    • Fostering and adoption
    • Child protection
    • Children’s homes
    • Home/school transport
    • Looked after children
    • Nursery education and childcare
    • Play service
    • Primary and secondary education
    • School library service
    • Special educational needs
    • Ealing Leaning Partnership
  • Tackling inequality - Cllr Aysha Raza
    Email: Twitter: @DrAyshaRaza
    Relentlessly focusing on reducing poverty and inequality for those that most need support and promoting wellbeing and safety for all. 
    • Public Health – Wider determinants of health and health improvement (with Healthy Lives portfolio)
    • Youth service
    • Youth offending
    • Community safety (including ASB, drugs action and crime prevention)
    • Police liaison
    • CCTV
    • Disabilities
    • Violence against women and girls
    • Equality and diversity
    • Refugees and asylum seekers
    • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community liaison
  • Healthy lives - Cllr Josh Blacker
    Email: Twitter: @jkblacker
    Combating COVID-19, protecting and enhancing the physical and mental health of all, supporting our older residents to enable them to remain independent and resilient.  
    • Public health – Health protection and premature mortality (with Tackling Inequality portfolio)
    • COVID-19
    • Active travel (with Climate Action portfolio)
    • Sports and leisure centres (with Thriving Communities portfolio)
    • Sports development (with Thriving Communities portfolio)
    • NHS relations
    • Adult social care
    • Assessment and care services for older people and adults with needs arising from disabilities and mental health
    • Accommodation and day activities
    • Promoting independence
    • Safeguarding adults
    • Mental health
    • Supporting people
    • Disability facilities grants, handyperson scheme and other grants
    • Sheltered housing