Ealing Broadway station public realm improvements consultation

This consultation will be open until 27 August 2019.

The consultation

This consultation is seeking your views on a number of proposed highway and public realm improvements needed outside Ealing Broadway station and in the surrounding area.

The development of the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) will increase the capacity of Ealing Broadway station and will result in a rise in passenger numbers. In order to safely and efficiently accommodate this expansion, various improvements to the site and its surroundings are needed. Please note that this consultation is only seeking your input about the area in front of the station – we’re not asking for comments about the station building itself.

What’s the current state of this area?

Currently this station is used by over 20 million people a year, both as a gateway to Ealing Broadway – one of 13 metropolitan town centres in London – and also as a key interchange between the Central and District lines, and National Rail.

Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) services will begin serving the station in 2020, leading to a jump in passenger numbers. Network Rail is rebuilding the station itself to cope with this.

The road outside the station – called The Broadway – is currently in poor repair. The public realm is cluttered with street furniture, and most importantly the footways are not wide enough to cope with passenger numbers.

Currently pedestrians make up the vast majority of all road users, but the way the road is set out does not reflect this, with most of the public highway used for vehicles (carriageway) instead of people (footway).

What are we proposing?

We need to improve the quality of the station frontage, while at the same time making it safer and more user-friendly.

The biggest change is that we plan to widen footways wherever possible to improve the pedestrian experience. Road space will be re-balanced to better reflect its actual usage, rather than the current old-fashioned, inefficient and unfriendly layout.

We cannot widen the highway itself in this area without major works to buildings – this would be hugely expensive, massively disruptive and very damaging to the urban form. This means that the wider footways must come at the expense of carriageway space.

Other proposed changes include new seating, wider footways, additional trees and a new signalised pedestrian crossing to get to the taxi rank area.

The main aims of our suggestions are to:

  • Provide for busy pedestrian flows by widening footways where possible
  • Make getting around easier with new pedestrian crossings
  • Add to the existing character the area by protecting existing trees, and providing new trees where possible
  • Carefully position street furniture to minimise impact on pedestrian flows
  • Choose materials that tie in with the existing high-quality paving on surrounding footways
  • Include cycle parking near the station entrance, to enable more sustainable travel
  • Avoid high maintenance costs in the future by designing for durability

What about Haven Green?

As part of this scheme, we do not propose any new paving or construction on the green areas of Haven Green, which is a protected open space. We aim to provide new cycle parking along The Broadway, which will enable us to remove the existing “toaster rack” temporary cycle stands from within Haven Green.

We also propose to build a new walkway on the east side of Haven Green itself (from the taxi rank area up towards the Madeley Road roundabout), as there is currently no paved footway in this area. This would replace the existing thin row of cobbles on this eastern boundary but would mostly be constructed by narrowing the existing carriageway.

Changes to the area are needed so that the street can cope better with existing pedestrian numbers – let alone the increase we expect from Crossrail. This means that we are not asking for your opinion on whether the scheme should go ahead or not. What we are instead asking for is your thoughts on each of the main elements of the proposal. We want to know what you think, and we will take this into account when developing the final design for this area.

This consultation is not seeking comment on the rebuilt Ealing Broadway Station or the Crossrail project itself. Any comments on these matters will be disregarded.

Your views

To give your views on the proposed improvements, please make sure to read all the consultation documents before completing a short survey to submit your views.

Publicity boards detailing the proposed improvements can als be found in the public entrance to Perceval house.

This consultation will be open until 27 August 2019.

What happens next?

Once this survey closes results will be presented to local ward councillors for consideration, after which any necessary changes will be made to the plans before works begin.

Further information

If you have any questions please email: ealingbroadwaypublicrealm@wsp.com