Changing your name at marriage

A marriage certificate simply records the names of the couple that are getting married. It does not show what surname you will be using following your marriage.

While some women choose to adopt their husband's surname, there is no legal requirement to do so.

You may wish to:

  • continue to use your maiden name
  • take your husband's surname
  • change to a double-barrelled surname
  • take your husband's surname and make your maiden name a middle name.

There is no central place to change your name following a marriage, as you do not have to change it. Your marriage certificate acts as permission to change your name.

By sending a copy of your marriage certificate to your bank or your work with a covering letter, your documents and records will be changed to show your new surname. The covering letter should say how you would like your new name to appear.

You will also need to get a new passport from the Passport Office if you are changing your surname.