Change of Name Deed

A Change of Name Deed  is a legal document that binds an individual to a particular course of action.

The most common use of a Deed Poll is to change a name, which has resulted in it being widely recognised for the legal document which allows you to do so officially. It is more formally known as “Change of Name Deed”, but the term Deed Poll is more commonly used throughout the UK.

A deed poll commits you to the following actions:

  • to renounce and abandon the use of your former name(s)
  • to use your new name(s) at all times
  • requires everybody to address you only by your new name(s).

Changing your name is an important step that should not be taken without careful consideration of the consequences. In this brief outline we have tried to cover the most frequently asked question, but some points of law are complex and if you believe you circumstances warrant it you should take legal advice.

When a Change of Name Deed is not needed

There are times when a Deed Poll is not needed to change a name. The most common circumstances are changing your name:

  • after marriage or civil partnership
    • A woman who wants to change her surname to that of her husband uses her marriage certificate.
    • A civil partner uses their civil partnership certificate to change their surname.
  • after divorce
    • A woman can revert back to her maiden name surname by using her decree absolute.
  • after being widowed
    • A woman reverting to her maiden name after being widowed can use her late husband’s death certificate together with her marriage certificate to change her name.

How much does a Change of Name Deed cost?

We charge £50 per Deed Poll. The fee is the same for adults and children. Additional copies ordered at the same time are £10 each.

You cannot obtain further copies afterwards, so make sure you obtain enough copies as you need at the time that you sign your Deed Poll.

Need more information?

If you have any more questions about changing your name by Deed Poll, please telephone the Ealing Register Office on 0208 825 7272.

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