Community grants

Warm and welcome

Ealing Council and the NHS will be working with local community, voluntary and faith organisations to co-ordinate and promote a 'warm and welcome spaces' programme for autumn and winter 2023 to 2024.  

A 'warm and welcome space' is a place where people can go, keep warm and connect with the local community. Providing a warm and welcome space for residents not only reduces social isolation but will also improve individual’s overall health and wellbeing and support them to address inequalities they may be experiencing because of the rising cost of living.   

Apply for a £1,500 grant

2023 to 2027 VCS funding programme

VCS organisations across the borough have been awarded grants for 2023-27 to run a wide range of activities to support council and NHS priorities. A full list of the awards is available.

Please note that the second around of applications has now closed. The list of awards will be updated once all new applications have been evaluated.

Household support funding

The application process for the following funding has now closed.