Ways to pay business rates

Direct debit

The easiest way to set up a Direct Debit payment is through My Account. You can choose to pay on either the 1st or 15th day of the month and you only have to set up your payment once. Protection is maintained through the direct debit guarantee that offers an immediate refund in the event of an error, 10 working days notice of the account being debited and the right to cancel at any time.

Set up a direct debit

Alternatively, you can complete this direct debit form and email to: businessratesteam@ealing.gov.uk.

Business rates instalments

Payment of business rate bills is usually set on a 10-monthly cycle. However, you also have the option of spreading payments over 12 months.

Please note that 12 instalments will only apply to your annual bill sent before the start of April, when issued with enough time to include an April instalment. For bills issued later in the year, you will automatically receive the maximum number of instalments available through to the following March.

You can also pay for the whole year at once or by two half-yearly instalments.   

Please contact us to arrange to pay monthly.

Pay online

Customers without a My Account can still pay online. We accept payment by MasterCard or Visa credit card, or by Visa Debit, Delta or Maestro card.We accept payment by MasterCard or Visa credit card, or by Visa Debit, Delta or Maestro card.

Payment security: To protect your data and provide a higher level of security, you will need to use the following browser versions (or above) to make payments: Chrome 30; Android 4.4; Firefox 24; Internet Explorer 8; Opera 17; Safari 7 with OSX 10.9; Safari mobile IOS 5. Please upgrade your browser if you need to.

Pay your business rates

Pay by phone

Using a credit or debit card please call 020 8825 9940. We accept payment by MasterCard or Visa credit card, or by Visa Debit, Delta or Maestro card.

Pay at a bank

To pay at your own bank, for standing orders, internet or phone banking, please use sort code 30-00-00, account number 00312428 and quote your seven-digit business rates account number as the reference number. 

Be wary of fraudsters

We have been made aware of a number of scams that are circulating for example people offering to help businesses access grant funding for a fee, or contacting businesses claiming to be from official sources stating that they need to make card payments. Businesses should be wary of scammers and suspicious emails and only provide organisations that you trust and have given consent to, your personal or financial details.

We will only take your card payments by prearrangement with you.

Always remember to take a moment to think. Could it be fake? Visit the Take Five to stop fraud website for more information.