Ealing Business Partnership

Ealing Business Partnership (EBP) is a forum that provides a unique opportunity for businesses in Ealing to connect with each other and also to connect with representatives of Ealing Council, including officers and councillors.

The EBP forum is free to attend.

When does it happen?

The forum takes place three times a year - in February, June and October at various locations across the borough. It runs for 90 minutes (7-8.30pm), with networking for 30 minutes before and after.

Explore the schedule of future and past meetings.

Why do we have EBP?

At each EBP forum, there is the opportunity to discuss what is happening across the borough of Ealing and hear from the experts who are influencing and affecting the growth and development of businesses in Ealing.
Between sessions the EBP continues to monitor issues and trends likely to impact the economic success of the Borough and bringing them to the fore for discussion and action where practicable.

How to get involved

To be added to the mailing list to receive details of events, please send your preferred email address to regeneration@ealing.gov.uk with 'EBP' in the subject line.

The EBP forum is continually looking for ways to improve engagement with businesses in the borough. If you would like to put your thoughts, observations and ideas forward, just come along to one of the EBP forum meetings or contact Andrew Dakers or Camran Mirza, Chair and Vice-Chair of Ealing Business Partnership:

Tel: 07788116159
Email: andrew.dakers@westlondon.com or cm@redwiredc.com