Online forms: LTN exemption application form for blue badge holders

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Low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) is a scheme in a residential area, bordered by main roads (roads that are often used by buses, lorries and non-local traffic), where "through" motor vehicle traffic is discouraged or removed, while allowing access for pedestrians and cyclists. Many residential neighbourhoods have through-routes for cars, and so have too much traffic. Residential streets should be for local people to enjoy, not for vehicles speeding through to avoid congestion on the main roads. Less traffic means less air pollution from vehicles, reduced CO2 emissions, less noise and can make the area much more pleasant and safer for walking and cycling, which is proven to be significantly beneficial for health, physical and mental wellbeing. 

Ealing Council has installed Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in certain areas to provide safe space for pedestrians and cyclists to travel, in light of reduced capacity of public transport, the need for social distancing and to prevent through traffic. Features such as bollards are placed strategically to still allow vehicle access to all properties for residents living within the LTN, but LTNs discourage driving through the area from one main road to the next. 


  • An exemption will be made for disabled Blue Badge holders to register for access through camera-enforced points in the LTN they live in.
  • An exemption will also be made to allow council-authorised vehicles transporting mobility impaired people to pass through LTNs enforced with cameras.

Blue badge holders will only be able to enter the LTNs they live in, if they have applied and have been given a dispensation. Blue badge holders who drive through their LTN without having applied and been given a dispensation will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Blue Badge holders – you will need to register for access through camera-enforced points in the LTN you live in. In order to do so, please fill in this form.

You will need to complete and submit a form for each blue badge holder in the household.

Please make sure you attach your evidence with this form.

See below for evidence required.

Proof of residency

We need a copy of proof of residency, for example utility bill such as your latest council tax bill, gas or electricity bill dated within the last three months.

Proof of vehicle registration document, registered at the LTN address

A copy of proof of your vehicle registration document showing the LTN address you are applying from eg. copy of your vehicle Log book (V5C) or designated driver’s log book.  

Proof of Blue badge

Blue badge holders must provide a clear colour copy of both sides of the badge so that it can be verified.

Please note: applications for LTN exemption without evidence will not be considered.

What happens next

Please allow at least five working days for your request to be reviewed and to get confirmation of exemption for the LTN your live in, otherwise you may still receive a penalty notice.

Please continue to follow restrictions until you have received confirmation of your registration of exemption from the council.