Apprenticeships are real paid jobs, which provide hands-on experience and free training for a nationally recognised qualification. 

Apprenticeships also benefit businesses by providing a practical way to grow talent and develop a skilled and motivated workforce. 

We can support you in becoming an apprentice at the council or another business in Ealing or another area.

We also support businesses in developing their apprenticeship programmes

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Ealing Council apprenticeship scheme

Become an apprentice at Ealing Council and make a difference to the lives of your friends, neighbours and family.

Ealing Council’s apprenticeship scheme provides an excellent opportunity for residents to develop skills, complete training, gain work experience and be paid.

Our apprenticeship scheme has regularly performed significantly higher than the national average. Many of our apprentices move onto the next level or into full-time jobs, including management positions within the council or employers in other sectors.

Ealing Council’s apprenticeship scheme is open to people who live or have studied in Ealing within the last three years and who meet the eligibility criteria.

Apprenticeship roles are available at the council and across the borough.

To find out more contact or telephone: 020 8825 6234.