Day nurseries

Day nurseries are for children under five years old, in which they can play and learn, and have fun in groups while their parents work or study. At nursery, children are involved in a range of different activities where they learn new skills and make friends. There are different types of nurseries with different ways of operating, so look around for one that suits both you and your child.

How do I know my child will be safe and secure?

First of all - you know your child best, so look for a nursery that you feel is suitable for your child.
Nurseries must be registered with OFSTED (Early Years) and are inspected to ensure they are meeting certain standards. This means checks are carried out to make sure they are suitable to care for children. At least half of the staff in a nursery must be trained and possess a suitable childcare qualification.
A check on the nursery premises is carried out as well to make sure that it is a safe and suitable environment for children. After the nursery is registered, an inspection is carried out  at regular intervals to make sure the nursery is continuing to provide a safe and suitable service.

You should ask to see their certificate of registration as this will tell you the ages and number of children they can care for and their approved hours of opening.

How many children will there be in a nursery?

Most day nurseries provide places for between 26 and 40 children depending on the size of the premises. This will be shown on their registration certificate. Children are usually divided into much smaller groups based upon their age.

What is the age range of children in a nursery?

Day nurseries are for children aged 3 months to 5 years of age. The age range will be shown on their registration certificate.

When are nurseries open?

Most day nurseries open at about 8am and close around 6pm. and are open all year round except for Bank Holidays. Their approved hours will be shown on their registration certificate. 

Will they offer part-time childcare?

Many day nurseries are happy to offer you and your child part-time places. Often they organise these places into morning or afternoon sessions.

How much will a nursery charge?

Day nursery charges vary according to area, but as a guide you can expect to pay between £95 and £200 per child per week. If your childcare setting provides early years education they may be in receipt of the Nursery Education Grant. This grant covers the cost of up to five two and half hour sessions a week. All children are entitled to this from the term after their third birthday. 

What to do if you’re concerned

If you have any concerns at all about the quality or integrity of your childcare provider, you can contact ofsted (the regulating body) on 0845 601 4772.

How can I find a day nursery?

The Family Information Service holds information on all the registered childcare in the Ealing borough. Search for local day nurseries on the Family Services Directory.