Harassment and illegal eviction

Help available

What the council can do if you are being harassed or threatened with illegal eviction

The council's housing advice service can help. If they cannot resolve the dispute with your landlord, they may be able to take the matter to court.

For civil actions, housing advisors can also put you in touch with a solicitor. A solicitor can apply for an injunction requiring the landlord to let you back into your home, or to stop harassing you. Housing advisors can act as lay advocates in court and help you to obtain an injunction if appropriate.

In criminal cases, local authorities have the power to prosecute offending landlords. Any prosecution conducted by the council will not cost you anything but you will probably need to give evidence in court.

How the police can help

Incidents of harassment and illegal eviction should be reported to the police without delay. Take a note of the attending police officer's number and station telephone number so the council can obtain details from the police. Police officers can be vital witnesses at any court hearing. The police have the power to prosecute for the criminal offences of harassment and illegal eviction but they will normally expect your council to do so.

The police should prosecute if you have been assaulted or if the landlord has committed a criminal offence.

Problems at night or the weekend

Our housing advisors can be contacted from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday on (020) 8825 8888.

You should contact the police immediately outside normal office hours. They should attend to prevent a breach of the peace and may try to get you back into your home. If this fails and you have nowhere to stay, you can attend the night duty emergency housing office at Perceval House (back entrance), 14-16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing W5 2HL which is open from 6-11pm, Monday to Friday.

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