Harassment and illegal eviction

What to do if you are being harassed by your landlord

Ask your landlord to stop

If you are not in danger you should write to your landlord to stop harassing you. Keep a note of your correspondence and your landlord's response.

Contact the police

If you are in imminent danger you should contact the police on 999.

Court action

The quickest solution can be to ask the court for an injunction ordering your landlord to stop harassing you.

You will need to complete the injunction form (N16A) and attach a signed witness statement setting out what has happened.

You can also complete a claim form (N1) asking for damages, as you may be entitled to compensation.

If you are having trouble completing the forms you can ask the council for help. You can also ask the council for help paying the court fee.

Remember, you will need to produce evidence to support your application.

  • Keep a daily record or notes of all events that take place.
  • Take photographs of anything that you think may support your case.
  • Report events to the police or your local housing advisory service, an advice centre or your solicitor.
  • Ask the landlord to put all communication in writing and keep copies.
  • Try to make sure that there is a witness present when you have any dealings with your landlord.

Legal aid

If you are entitled to help under the legal aid scheme, a housing solicitor can apply for an injunction or bring a claim for compensation on your behalf.

Help from the council

You can ask us to write to your landlord on your behalf.