Harassment and illegal eviction

Illegal eviction - advice

Is the landlord trying to evict you without a court order?

An illegal eviction is when a landlord forces a tenant to leave without the presence of court bailiffs.

A landlord must follow these three steps before the tenant can be evicted:

  1. Issue a valid notice to quit.
  2. Get an order for possession from the court.
  3. Get a notice of eviction/bailiff appointment.

Acts of illegal eviction include:

  • Changing locks when you are out
  • Being physically thrown out of all or part of your home
  • Physically stopping you from entering your home.

There are some exceptions to these rules. The most common exceptions are you:

  • Share your accommodation with your landlord/landlady, who occupies the property as his/her only or principle home
  • Do not pay any rent 
  • Are occupying interim accommodation provide by a local authority
  • Are occupying a hostel.