Park rangers

What do they do?

The main role of rangers is to make sure parks and countryside sites are safe, enjoyable and welcoming places for people to visit, as well as good habitats for wildlife. 

The ranger team are based in two locations:

East – based at Acton Park Lodge covering sites to the east of the River Brent in Hanwell, Ealing and Acton West – based at Manor House Grounds, Southall covering sites to the west of the River Brent in Greenford, Perivale, Northolt and Southall

The ranger team consists of one manager and ten park rangers.

They work Monday to Saturday 9am to 4.30pm. Rangers are responsible for sites allocated by ward.  To find out which ward you live in, please go to find my nearest and enter your postcode.

Rangers wear a distinctive purple, green and beige uniform.