Alley gating

The gating of alleyways is a useful tool for the reduction and prevention of burglary and criminal damage, and for reducing anti-social behaviour such as graffiti, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles.

It is only possible to gate an alleyway which is not a public right of way, and in most circumstances only privately owned alleyways are gated.

The process of gating an alleyway relies on teamwork from neighbours and it may be a good idea to set up a residents group. The tasks required will include:

  • checking on the ownership of the alleyway (the Land Registry can provide this, otherwise your title deeds may indicate)
  • getting consent from your neighbours who either jointly own the alleyway or have a right to access it
  • assessing whether planning permission is required (the council's planning services can advise)
  • ensuring service providers are aware of your intentions including water electricity and gas (if there is a manhole in the alleyway they may need access)
  • agreeing a budget with your neighbours, work out which of your neighbours may wish to contribute (opening a joint bank account is recommended)
  • finding a contractor (fencing companies will often be suitable) and agree a design, negotiate a cost and start date

How to apply for alley gating 

Applications are accepted from residents with access rights to privately owned alley-ways.

Please print and complete the alley gating application form. Return the form to: 
Gating Officer, Safer Communities Team, 4th Floor, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, London W5 2HL

Closing date for applications: By 5pm on 21 May 2014

Unfortunately the team receive more applications than they have funds available so please pay close attention to the information provided in the information pack.

Successful applications will have alley gates manufactured and installed by the council, with all residents with a right of access to the alleyway receiving a key. Residents will be responsible for maintaining the gates once installed.

For more information please contact the safer communities team on (020) 8825 7757 or 5994.