Schools and admissions criteria

Schools in Ealing
You can choose your preferences from 14 high schools in Ealing. We recommend you read about Ealing's schools before applying:

  • community schools
  • voluntary-aided schools
  • foundation schools
  • academies

Deciding on your preferences
It is very important that you look at each school's admissions criteria in relation to your circumstances so that you are aware of the order in which places are allocated at over-subscribed schools. 

You should also look at the high school statistics table, which is published in the high school prospectus. This table which gives the number of applications per school and the criterion number and distance from their home to the school of the child who lives away to be offered a place.  

Each year parents are disappointed because they apply to schools where they are clearly unlikely to be offered a place because they do not meet the key admissions criteria (ie distance from home to school or do not satisfy the religious requirements stated in the criteria for The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic High School and Twyford C of E High School).

Community schools admissions criteria
Acton High School
Dormers Wells High School
Elthorne Park High School

Voluntary aided school admissions criteria
The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School (faith school)

Foundation schools admissions criteria
Brentside High School
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls
Greenford High School
Northolt High School
Villiers High School

Academies admissions criteria
Alec Reed Academy (formerly known as West London Academy)
Drayton Manor High School
Featherstone High School
Twyford C of E High School (faith school)
William Perkin C of E High School (new school opens in September 2013)