Draft Ealing youth plan consultation 2022-25

This consultation will close on 2 March 2022.

The consultation

Ealing Council is consulting on how it will deliver its youth services for the next three years, and on the delivery of our services in Southall while a new permanent site for the Young Adult Centre (YAC) is identified.

The council has previously consulted with young people on its plan to deliver youth services. These views have been incorporated into a draft Youth Plan. Since that consultation, the COVID lockdown has impacted on the service provided across the borough and may influence young people’s views on activities and programmes. The purpose of a Youth Plan is to set out the themes around which activities and programmes can be developed while ensuring the plan focuses on the needs identified by young people.

The draft Youth Plan sets out:

  • A hub and spoke model which proposes how it will operate to deliver services, programmes and activities in geographic areas with partners. The plan includes demographic data.
  • The seven key themes that the youth service will focus on with young people.
  • The responses from the previous consultation with young people relating to youth centres incorporating their ideas.  
  • The focus on providing support for children who have special educational needs or disabilities.
  • The temporary relocation of youth services out of the Young Adult Centre in Southall to Dormers Hub while a permanent site is identified on which to build a new youth centre.

The draft Youth Plan seeks to involve young people, and the community through the process to ensure that programmes and activities that are provided are what young people want. We want to ensure programmes and activities are well managed, affordable and encourage partners to participate. 

We are also consulting on our long-term plans for the site of a new youth centre in Southall. The new youth centre will be a permanent alternative to the current Young Adult Centre (YAC) and young people will be involved in its design.

Your views

We invite your views on the provision of youth activities, youth centres and programmes following COVID, so these can fit into the draft youth plan. The youth plan is now available and you have your say on the provision of activities and services and the interim and long-term plans for the Southall youth center by completing a short questionnaire.

This consultation will close on 2 March 2022.

What happens next?

Your views will be taken into consideration and will be incorporated into our action plan for young people’s activities and programmes to be delivered through the youth centres and the results will be fed back to help make an informed decision on the site for a new youth centre. 

Once a preferred permanent location is decided, we will consult further on the design of that centre.

Further information

For further information about the draft youth plan or any help with the consultation please contact:
Email: jenkinsi@ealing.gov.uk