Fire safety in Ealing’s council housing

Listening to residents concerns

Our residents are at the heart of what we do and the council has listened to concerns raised regarding fire safety. We have provided alarm and detection systems to dwellings and set out details about the planned installation of a new system in the future.

Ealing Council actively engages with our residents to inform them about fire safety prevention. There is a vast amount of information on our website, in resident's handbooks and quarterly tenant magazines. We also work closely with other services such as care/health workers. The London Fire Brigade also provides the opportunity to inform and educate.

The council have set up an independent fire safety panel. The board is made up of residents from across the borough alongside an external fire safety officer. The aim of this panel is to get residents involved with any fire safety issues/concerns they may have. This will be supported by the resident engagement team, please contact them for more details.