Fire safety in Ealing’s council housing

What to do if there is a fire

Stay put policy

Our blocks are purpose built and are designed to contain any fires that may occur. Therefore, we follow national guidance on this, which states that in such situations staying put has the greatest chance of keeping you safe. If your escape route is blocked or unclear it may be safer to stay in your home until the fire brigade arrives.  You should close your doors and use soft materials to help stop smoke coming through gaps under the doors. If the fire is not in your home but in another part of the building you will usually be safer staying in your home unless the heat or smoke is affecting you. The floors, walls and doors in purpose-built blocks are designed to hold back flames and smoke for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Staying put also prevents stairs being obstructed by fleeing residents as the fire brigade attempt to come up the stairs to reach the fire.

If there is a fire in your flat

If you live in a purpose-built block of flats with shared communal areas and there’s fire or smoke inside your home, get everyone out and leave the building as calmly as possible, but never use the lift. Once you are outside call 999, tell them your address and say what floor the fire is on.

How to book a fire safety visit

The London Fire Brigade offers a free home visit to give you advice on how to make your home safe and, where appropriate, fit a smoke alarm for free.

To find out more about the fire safety visits and how to book one, visit the London Fire Brigade website

Sheltered Housing

In our 34 sheltered blocks, all alarms are connected to Careline, our 24/7 monitored telephone alarm service. We have been recently upgraded both the alarm systems and overall fire safety in the blocks.

In liaison with the London Fire Brigade, we have also introduced portable misting systems in homes where we have concerns about an individual tenant's vulnerability to fire.

More information on sheltered housing