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The special schools in Ealing cater for the needs of pupils with complex moderate and severe learning difficulties, physical disabilities and language and communication difficulties including autistic spectrum disorder, as well as pupils with multiple complex needs. Admission to special schools is organised by the special educational needs (SEN) administration section of the Childrens Services department. Admission is through the statutory assessment, statementing and annual review process.

Primary support bases

There are three Primary Support Bases (PSBs) in the borough, based at Drayton Green Primary School, Coston Primary School (Key stage 1 only) and Beaconsfield primary school (opening January 2011). The PSBs provide a specialised curriculum and learning environment for 8-10 pupils at Key stages 1 and 2.

All pupils who attend PSBs have a statement of special educational needs.

Specialist units

There are three specialist units at Allenby Primary School, Gifford Primary School and St John's Primary School. Allenby caters for up to 12 pupils with severe learning difficulties. Pupils benefit from inclusion in the mainstream school. The unit also has close links with Mandeville School.

Gifford have places for 20 deaf pupils across the primary age range. The deaf pupils are fully included in the school with the help of acoustically treated accommodation in some areas as well as radio aids. St John's caters for pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties. Pupils are fully included within the mainstream school.

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