Ealing's prevention team offers support for young people who are at risk of becoming involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour.

Parents can also choose to receive support and guidance from the team.

This service may be necessary for young people who:

  • get into trouble at school or are excluded - this can lead to involvement in crime
  • have difficult relationships within their family
  • live in an area where there is a lot of crime
  • get involved in petty crime
  • live in an area where drugs and alcohol are readily available
  • mix with with other young people who cause concern because of their behaviour

The team will work with children and young people who are:

  • aged 8-17 years old
  • involved in anti-social behaviour and/or at risk of offending
  • willing to participate under a voluntary contract
  • involved in gang activity

How does it work?

Once a referral is received, an officer will arrange to meet the child or young person at home. They will discuss the type of support and agree a plan.

The plan may include:

  • one-to-one key work support
  • victim awareness/impact of offending
  • family support
  • parenting
  • mentoring
  • substance misuse work
  • sexual health and exploitation work
  • consequences of carrying/using weapons
  • consequences of anti-social behaviour
  • fire safety
  • mental health assessment/support
  • vehicle crime/safety work
  • positive holiday activities

For more information please contact the prevention team:

Telephone: 020 8825 7524

Volunteering opportunities

Find out about volunteering opportunities with Ealing Youth Offending Service.