Online forms: Report a missed collection

When reporting a missed collection, the council will check our contractor’s live systems to determine if you are able to make a report.

Your report can only be submitted if the system confirms the following:

  • That either your rubbish or recycling was presented at the time of collection. All waste should be placed at the front boundary of your property or the agreed collection point by 7am.
  • Your wheelie bins were not overfilled and there were no incorrect items placed in your bin. Rubbish that is not inside a black wheelie bin will not be collected.
  • That the collection crews have already visited your road. Some collections take place later in the day.
  • That you are reporting a missed collection by 1pm the day after your scheduled collection. Missed collections reported by this time will be collected the working day after they were missed.
  • That you have not already reported the missed collection.

If you think any of the information presented in the form is incorrect, please contact 020 8825 6000.

Please look up your collection schedule if you are not sure when your waste should be collected.

Amey manage all rubbish and recycling services on behalf of the council. In order to deliver an effective service, your details may need to be shared with Amey.