Request a different sized rubbish bin

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Please complete this form if you would like to request a different sized bin for your rubbish or recycling.

It may take up to six weeks for your new bin to be delivered. You will be contacted by email in advance of your delivery.

Standard bin

The standard sized bin is 240 litres, which holds approximately five bags of rubbish and measures: (W) 58cm x (D) 74cm x (H) 110cm.

Smaller bin

The smaller bin is 140 litres, which holds approximately three bags of rubbish. It is the same height as a standard sized bin but is narrower. The measurements are: (W) 50cm x (D) 55cm x (H)110cm.

Larger bin

Larger 360 litre bins are only available for larger than average households. They hold approximately seven full rubbish bags and measure: (W) 66cm x (D) 88cm x (H) 111cm

Please note: recycling bins only come in the standard or large size. If you have more recycling than you can fit in your bin, you may leave it beside your bin and it will be collected.