Online forms: Parking operations suspension application

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Parking services offers a service by which you can request a parking bay to be suspended. Suspensions are normally requested for removals or utility works however they can be requested for a number of different reasons. The bays that can be suspended are:

  • Resident parking bays within controlled parking zones
  • Free bays
  • Pay and display bays

The standard cost to suspend the above bays is £30 per bay per day, unless a premium service has been requested (see below) for which the cost will be £40 per bay per day.

Please note:

The suspension will not take place unless full payment has been received.

There is a £25 administration fee on refunds for the cancellation of a suspension. We will not be able to process any refunds on the cancellation of filming suspensions.

Any information supplied will be given as correct and charged accordingly. Any errors by the customer will not be refunded. If you are unsure please visit the site to double check information being provided is accurate.

For a standard service you must submit your application form a minimum of seven working days prior to the start date of the suspension, or for a premium service a minimum of three working days prior to the start date of the suspension. Failure to apply and pay for suspensions may result in penalty charge notices being issued daily to all vehicles parked in contravention to the restrictions in place. Additionally an invoice will be sent to the customer for the full cost of the suspension.

Signs notifying residents and members of the public of the suspension will be in place five days before the suspension is due to take place. Please only email if the signs have not been erected 72 hours before the suspension start date.

If you have an active suspension and vehicles are parked obstructing the location please call 020 8825 6677 and choose option 1 (Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm). Outside these hours please call 020 8825 5000.  You will be able to leave a message requesting enforcement of the vehicles, please confirm the exact location, state that there is a vehicle parked in your suspended bay and give details of the vehicle and suspension reference number. A civil enforcement officer (CEO) will be sent to the location to issue a penalty charge notice to the offending vehicle and it may be removed.

Extension to suspensions must be made by submission of a new application within seven working days prior to the ending of existing suspensions.

For further information please email

For suspensions to facilitate filming please email

The council reserves the right to amend charges and procedures.