Event at Husainy Masjid, Rowdell Road, Northolt

This is a religious event, being held on private land, and the council’s role is to try to reduce the impact on local people and businesses.  To accommodate parking and large numbers of attendees some road management changes and alternative parking arrangements have been agreed. 

For any large event, the council’s first consideration is to ensure the safe running of an event for those attending and for local residents.  Also, that any relevant infrastructure changes are appropriate and made good after the event. Ealing’s safety advisory group, which includes council officers from a range of services including highways, parking, waste management,  together with TfL, police, fire and health representatives, has formally met with the event organisers and representatives of the Husainy Masjid on two occasions and received assurance that key actions were being taken to engage with local residents and to manage parking and traffic.

The event organisers and the Husainy Masjid have leafleted and door knocked local roads to advise residents and businesses of the event. The council has requested that further engagement takes place in the coming days which the organisers have agreed to put in place.

To safely manage this event, the following has been put into place:


Attendees have been informed and encouraged to use public transport but for those who drive, parking has been provided within a 20 minute walk at Mandeville Parkway, Rectory Park, King George’s Field and the C&L Country Club (Uxbridge).

Traffic marshals will patrol local streets to the Husainy Masjid to ensure parking restrictions are observed and that any parked cars do not obstruct driveways.  A towing service is in place which will remove any vehicles that obstruct driveways or do not observe restrictions.

Impact on local roads

From Friday, 29 July to Sunday, 7 August Rowdell Road will be soft closed to allow for the safety of pedestrians at these times: 8.30-11am, 1-4pm and 6.30-10.30pm.  This means that Rowdell Road will remain open but traffic marshalls will manage the flow of traffic and pedestrians at these times which may lead to some delays. 

Access for delivery vehicles to Belvue Business Centre and the Yachting Club car park will be facilitated by traffic marshalls at these times. Residents on Belvue Road will have access at all times and the road will open to two-way traffic for the duration of the event.

Ealing Road will have a full parking suspension in place but the Clocktower parking bays will remain in use as one-hour stay parking for customers of local businesses. Local bus routes will not be impacted.

Belvue Park

An area of the park will be closed for parking and movement by event attendees. Outside of this area the remainder of the park will remain open for public access throughout the duration of the event. To facilitate this event, a small portion of the park hedges and fencing has been removed and kerbs have been dropped and tarmacked. This will all be reinstated to its previous arrangement once the event has finished.

Similar changes have been made at Mandeville Parkway and Rectory Park to allow for parking and this will also be reinstated once the event has finished.

As a measure of appreciation to the neighbourhood around the Husainy Masjid, the council is in discussions with the Dawoodi Bohra community about a legacy project for Belvue Park which will benefit the local residents.  It is hoped that this project will be finalised later this year. Mandeville Parkway will also benefit from some improvement activity.


It is an offence under national legislation to use fireworks between the hours of 11pm and 7am except on certain special occasions – Diwali, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Bonfire Night. If you have a concern about the use of fireworks after 11pm please raise it with the police by calling 101.

For further details of the event please visit the Husainy Masjid website Ashara Mubaraka: Information For Our Neighbours - The Dawoodi Bohras UK