Ealing Council pushes for easier enforcement of 20mph speed limits

The letter calls on the secretary of state to take forward legislative changes to transfer powers for speeding enforcement in London to local authorities as part of the ongoing work to help reduce deaths on our roads to zero.

The letter states: “We are working together, as the local authority and a key Ealing campaign group that cares about road safety, to ask you to devolve the power for 20mph enforcement to local authorities.

“The local authority has the expertise and technology needed to enforce speeding offences, as we already have a network of camera controlled bus lanes, restricted turns and one-way systems. We are confident that, if given the powers, we will be able to crack down on dangerous speeding, freeing up police time for responding to more urgent calls from our residents.

“In Ealing, both the council and Better Ealing Streets are committed to making our roads safer for walkers and cyclists and reducing road danger. Where we can we ‘design out’ dangerous driving and speeding, through changes to the road design and layout.”

Read the full letter here