Statement: Update on implementation of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

At Ealing Council’s cabinet meeting on 22 September, the decision was taken to adopt permanently the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) scheme at Adrienne Avenue and introduce a new scheme at Montague Avenue/Deans Road that had received local resident support.

It was also agreed that Fisher’s Lane cycle scheme, a joint scheme with Hounslow Council, would become permanent and to implement the Gordon Road cycle scheme.

These decisions were called in for scrutiny on 22 October, I’m happy to say that the decisions were upheld.

We remain committed to active travel, but if we want to tackle the climate crisis we know we must take local people with us. We have pledged to be an open, transparent and inclusive council, and that includes being honest about what works and what doesn’t.

We listened to the local people and as a result are making permanent those schemes in Adrienne Avenue and Montague Avenue/Deans Road where the majority of local people were in favour. The Montague Avenue/Deans Road works will start as soon as possible, addressing local residents concerns on traffic levels and safety.

Work is also underway on the new cycle scheme for Gordon Road.

Importantly, we also continue to expand our school streets schemes, with five new schemes being introduced since September, bringing our current total to 15.