Ealing Council’s cabinet to consider new active travel measures

The report provides an update on measures including Ealing’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood trials (LTNs), cycle and school streets schemes and proposals to make some schemes permanent and to remove others.

The report proposes that the Fishers Lane cycle scheme ​is made permanent, along with the 24-hour bus-lane along the Uxbridge Road and a cycle scheme in Church Road, Northolt (subject to statutory consultation). ​As Fishers Lane is a joint scheme with Hounslow Council, it would also need to approve it.

Two further schemes are also proposed after a 21-day consultation period. The first responds to resident feedback by implementing a ​redesigned LTN in Hamilton Road​ and another focuses on cycling and walking improvements in Gordon Road, Ealing.

The council is continuing with plans to make permanent a huge expansion of the borough’s cycling provision, with six schemes already made permanent in August including a key cycle route along Uxbridge Road. Plans for a comprehensive cycle scheme for Boston Road will be brought forward at a future date.

The report also recommends that the low-traffic neighbourhood at Adrienne Avenue (LTN 48) is made permanent and that a new scheme at Montague Avenue and Deans Road is introduced permanently.

The council is also pressing ahead with five new permanent school streets schemes. Christ the Saviour CofE Primary School in Ealing, Horsenden Primary in Greenford, North Primary School in Southall, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Hanwell and Grange Primary in Ealing.

Following a review of traffic and air quality data, and following consideration of consultation responses, the cabinet report recommends that the remaining LTN trial schemes are removed. 

The seven schemes proposed for removal are:

•            Olive Road (LTN 08)

•            West Ealing North (LTN 20)

•            Acton Central (LTN 25)

•            Loveday Road (LTN 30)

•            Junction Road (LTN 32)

•            Bowes Road (LTN 34)

•            Mattock Lane (LTN 35)

The report identifies the concerns some local people had about the implementation of LTN trials and includes an independent review into the process to help the council improve consultation and engagement.

The independent review recommends that the council develops a new charter setting out key principles for engaging with residents and stakeholders on active travel schemes in future, ensuring that local people are involved from the very beginning. This will be considered as part of the new council leadership’s commitment to a new open, transparent and inclusive way of working with residents to change Ealing for the better.

Visit the council's website for further details of the the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021, including agenda contents.