Last chance to have your say on our property licensing proposals

You have until the end of the day on Monday, 16 August to share your views on the council's plans.

Since 2017, many privately rented homes in Ealing have needed a licence to be let. Licensing has been a success in Ealing, delivering safer homes for tenants, more support for landlords, and a reduction in neighbourhood nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

The new proposals, which are aimed at making private renting in the borough safer and better, would mean that the majority of HMOs and all rented properties in 15 wards of the borough would require a licence. You can find more details on the consultation homepage. 

Licensing conditions

Under the schemes, a licence holder would have to comply with several conditions relating to the management and condition of the property, including gas, electrics and fire safety.

They would also have to provide a written tenancy agreement – and properly manage any anti-social behaviour from their tenants.

The licences will last for five years, but can be reviewed if standards are not being met.

Tell the council what you think 

But before any decisions are made, the council wants to hear what you think.

Many people will be affected by the proposed changes, including tenants, landlords, property agents, and people who live near rented homes.  

If you want us to consider your view on this issue, please fill in this short survey by the end of the day on Monday, 16 August. 

For further information about the proposed new licensing schemes, and for any help with the consultation please email or call 01904 557197.