Ealing announces new Council Plan

Ealing’s ‘Council Plan’ reflects the new administration’s priorities, setting out the 79 wide-ranging goals the council will need to achieve if it is to deliver on its three new priorities: creating good jobs, tackling the climate crisis and fighting inequality.

The plan also details the council’s many achievements since 2018, despite the challenges of the pandemic. These include:

  • The successful launch of Greener Ealing, which brought environmental services back under council control. This included a substantial investment in the company’s fleet and ensuring all its staff receive at least the London Living Wage.
  • Exceeding its commitment to plant 30,000 new trees and saplings. 37,000 have been planted already.
  • Supporting local high schools so they are now first in England for helping children make progress between the ages of 11 and 14.
  • Delivering more than four fifths of its target of delivering 2,500 new, genuinely affordable homes in the borough.
  • Creating 750 new apprenticeships.
  • Recognising the challenge of climate change, declaring a climate emergency and, after consulting with the community, agreeing a strategy to respond.
  • Securing investment to support long term work on healthy behaviours through the Let’s Go Southall programme.

Councillor Peter Mason, the new leader of Ealing Council, has said he will lead an open, inclusive and transparent council. He wants to involve residents in creating solutions to the challenges we all face and involve people in decision-making. This approach underpins the council plan.

Councillor Mason said: “When I took over in May, I promised to lead an open, inclusive and transparent council and I meant it. We have already announced some important changes, including letting local people decide on low traffic neighbourhoods, including residents in major planning decisions, and introducing independent monitoring of the Southall Gasworks site.

“I want residents to know they are being listened to, and their views are being considered, even if we don’t always agree. We’ve achieved a lot, despite the challenges of COVID-19 and more than a decade of underfunding and budget cuts from government.

“What I am sure of is that this wouldn’t have been possible without the people of Ealing. Whether it’s LAGER Can members collecting litter, volunteers planting saplings in our parks, local businesses offering apprenticeships or residents coming forwards to tell their life stories to our Race Equality Commission - you’ve all made a huge difference. I thank all of you and look forward to talking with you as we carry on focusing on solutions together.”