Lighting Green For Grenfell

To commemorate, Ealing’s Town Hall will be lit green from dusk on Monday, 14 June.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Silent Walk organised by Greenfell United will not be going ahead but the walk route will be decorated with green artworks and everyone is encouraged to place a green heart in their window on 14 June.

A collection of photo stories about the survivors and bereaved over the last two years will be on display outside in Freston Road W10 from Saturday June 12 until August.

They are part of the Gold and Ashes project from photographer Feruza Afewerki who lost her sister and niece, Amal Ahmedin and Amaya Tuccu who lived on the 19th floor at Grenfell.

Feruza and her team documented the memories of the people who died and the stories of those who love them and those impacted by the tragedy and how they are. 

Churches up and down the country will join together and ring their bells 72 times at 7pm to remember the 72 people who died.

Residents are encouraged to place a green heart in their window on 14 June and to share that image with the hashtag #GreenForGrenfellDay. Find out more of what is planned at 

Councillor Peter Mason, leader of Ealing Council said: ““The tragedy of 14 June 2017 will never be forgotten and we are committed to commemorating, remembering and securing accountability for what happened.

“We’re committed to ensuring people have safe places to live and to investing in our buildings.  We also want to empower our council tenants to always keep us accountable.”