Changes to reordering a replacement rubbish bin confirmed

Residents are now required to make an online payment for new or replacement refuse bins, priced £50 for standard size or £70 for a large size.

Bins which are lost or damaged during the collection process will be replaced without charge.

Recycling bin and food waste bins will continue to be provided free of charge, and residents will have the option to request for additional recycling bins should they find they need more capacity.

Ealing currently recycles more than 50% of household waste, the highest  rate for any borough in the capital bar one. The council is committed to improving this further and supporting residents to make maximum use of recycling collection services. For example, the food waste collection service will be extended to a further 20,000 flats across the borough in the next year.

Visit for full details of recycling in the borough and to check your collection dates.