Ealing Council and community help families in need

A number of faith organisations and local businesses have said they would be prepared to feed families in need. They include Guru Singh Saba Gurdwara at Park Avenue and Havelock Road, TK ChaudhrysTKC, Southall Broadway, Kulcha Express (Southall). 

The council has agreed tonight (Friday, 23 October) to offer £50,000 of additional support to Ealing Food Bank to support their work to help families in poverty.  Earlier this month the council donated £73,000 of food to local charities with £62,000 going to the Ealing Food Bank.   

The council is asking other organisations to step forward to show their support of footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign to ensure that no child goes hungry this half term.  Any organisation willing to help is asked to post their offer of support on social media using the hashtag #FeedEaling and @ealingcouncil and @MarcusRashford, or to share on local Facebook Groups.  

In Ealing there are 18,000 children who are eligible for free school meals and there is growing concern that due to the economic impact of COVID some families will struggle to feed their families over the week.  

Cllr Julian Bell, leader of Ealing Council said: “The government’s decision to refuse to give children on free school meals food vouchers over the half term is a bitter blow to parents struggling to make ends meet, particularly when so many more are struggling financially because of the Coronavirus.  

“We’re proud to support Marcus Rashford’s campaign. No child should ever have to go hungry and we’re determined not to let that happen in Ealing. 

“Where the government has failed, our amazing community has once again come forward to help those most vulnerable at this time of need. Again showing the fantastic community spirit that Ealing Together showed during the early days of the pandemic.  I want to thank organisations who have come forward already and ask anyone who can help to do so, it will really make a difference to families who need this support.”

Update: 27 October 2020

The council is offering £15 food vouchers to children eligible for free school meals to cover the autumn half term period. 

To get the vouchers which are worth £15 per child, families need to fill in a form on the council’s website which has been set up to cover the half term period.