Be extra vigilant - COVID-19 cases rise

For the weekend 23 August, 71 people have tested positive in the borough with the rate per 100,000 now 20.8.

Although still relatively low, compared to other areas of the country, the council is asking people to follow advice to regularly wash their hands, maintain social distancing and to wear face coverings when away from home, particularly on public transport and in enclosed spaces. 

Council leader, Jlian Bell, said: “We need everyone to play their part in helping to keep Ealing safe and slow the rate of infection.    We can see as rates rise in the UK and around the world that this deadly virus hasn’t gone away and we must all do our part to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.  As we head into the bank holiday weekend I’m asking everyone to ensure that while they are out enjoying themselves they do so in a safe way so that they keep themselves and others safe.  

"The good news is that more people are getting tested and being asked to self-isolate. If you have symptoms it is essential you isolate, book a COVID test and share details of people you have been in contact with so we can slow the spread.“

The highest number of positive test results in London is in the 20-29 age group.  This is mirrored in Ealing.  

Professor Paul Plant, London deputy regional director for Public Health England, said: “Rates of COVID-19 in young people have been rising over the past two weeks in London and the highest number of positive test results are now among people aged 20-29 across the city. This contrasts with overall rates for London boroughs which remain low compared to other parts of the country but we are concerned about this increase in Londoners in their twenties.

“Lockdown has been a tough time especially for young people and we know many are now enjoying the benefits of being able to go on holiday, eat meals out, go shopping and see family and friends again, but it’s crucial that we do these fun things safely. Even if you are in a lower risk age group, please keep London safe for everyone by following government advice on social distancing, self-isolation, wearing face coverings and practising good hand hygiene so we can keep coronavirus at bay and avoid the possibility of local lockdown.”

It is really important we all follow these messages to protect our families and loved ones in the community:

  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of coronavirus: fever, new continuous cough, and loss or change in taste or smell
  • Your whole household needs to stay at home if anyone has symptoms
  • Get a test as soon as you get these symptoms
  • Go to NHS coronavirus website or call 119
  • If you test positive you and your household will need to remain at home - 10 days for you and 14 days for your household.

Also remember the things we must all do to keep ourselves safe:

  • Hands: Wash your hands frequently
  • Face: Wear a cloth face covering in shops, public transport and any crowded space
  • Space: Keep your distance from people outside your household and please don't gather in big groups.

Thank you - Keep Ealing Safe