Statement - Brave report in to Data collection

An Ealing spokesperson said: "Brave is a company promoting its alternative server which – unlike Google Chrome, for example – does not track web users’ browsing using cookies. Brave is also setting up a new platform for advertising based on the same principles.

"Personal data that is collected by cookies deployed for advertising purposes is only used on the council’s website to deliver ads. Like many other authorities the council uses the Council Advertising Network (CAN) to deploy adverts. The marketing agencies CAN use are contracted only to use data for advertising and would be breaking their contract (and the law) if they did otherwise. They are audited to make sure they comply.

"Our advertising provider has assured us that none of the data is sold on to “data brokers” as is suggested in the Brave report.

"We have instructed our advertising provider to block all advertising from categories inappropriate for a public sector environment including gambling, alcohol, payday loans, politics and adult themes.

"Ealing works with CAN to source socially responsible advertising to help generate additional revenue for the council. This is viewed as essential in the face of 64% cuts in central government funding.

"Additional links to tools including and provide visitors to the council website with additional options for controlling the collection and use of Web viewing data for interest-based advertising. The council recognises however, that this is a complex and ever-evolving area which needs to be kept under review and solutions updated as required."