Update on parking permit reminder emails for customers

This follows complaints that reminder emails had not been issued to recipients.

The council investigated these claims and found that a glitch took place between 1 July and 15 August 2019 during a planned upgrade to the parking IT system. This meant that courtesy email renewal notices stopped being issued to residents due for renewal in the following month.

The council has decided to cancel outstanding PCNs relating to this technical problem, issued over this time and to refund customers that have already paid their PCN.

We are writing to those affected to inform them of this decision and no action from customers is required.

We have reviewed the system following last summer’s technical issues and have made changes to minimise the risk or such an error occurring again.

The council always reviews decisions around PCNs on a case-by-case basis and anyone who believes that they have been unfairly issued is encouraged to appeal in writing as instructed on the back of their PCN.

Email reminders are issued as a courtesy before parking permits are due to expire, however, we encourage all customers to log on to their account to review and renew well in advance of expiry to avoid any chance of receiving a penalty charge.

The quickest and easiest way to check the status of your permit is to go online at the council’s website and log in into your account. Here you can check the expiry date and renew, which takes a matter of minutes.