Increased funding for police officers in Ealing

This ongoing commitment is in line with the council’s priority to keep communities safe and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour across the borough.
The Police team will provide a joint service targeting antisocial behaviour hotspots. It will feature five council-funded constables, plus a Sergeant and constables funded by Ealing Police, who will oversee the work of a larger mixed council/Police tasking team.
They will work in partnership with Parkguard, who provide the council’s proactive parks and housing estate patrolling service and Ealing’s community safety team to enforce Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO), tackle low-level crime, antisocial behaviour, drug dealing and outdoor drinking. They will also carry out patrols on housing estates, high streets and parks in Ealing and will be a key delivery agent for the new borough-wide PSPO.
Councillor Joanna Camadoo-Rothwell, cabinet member for community safety and inclusion said: “The council has an ongoing commitment to making our streets and public spaces safer for our residents and visitors. The introduction of the borough-wide Public Spaces Protection Order and this decision to maintain council-funded police officers are some of the key ways in which we are seeking to achieve this aim.
“Maintaining police visibility and presence on housing estates across the borough will improve residents' quality of life by discouraging anti-social behaviour and disorder.”
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