Cold weather alert

Ealing is signed up to the Mayor of London’s Severe Weather Emergency Protocol and the council’s commissioned outreach service, operated by St. Mungo’s, will make an especially concerted effort to contact anyone who is sleeping rough in the borough and to offer them an emergency bed.
It is worth noting that not every rough sleeper will accept the offer that is made, but that St Mungo’s always try to persuade them that they would be better doing so.
Any member of the public can report concerns about someone they see sleeping rough.  It is helpful to remember that rough sleeping is defined as being bedded down or preparing to bed down in a street, park, doorway, stairwell, derelict building, car or similar.  It is not the same as begging, and many beggars do not sleep rough. 
Rough sleeping issues can be reported on the national Streetlink website or call 0300 500 0914 and the rough sleeper’s detail will be directed to the most appropriate local outreach team.  It is important to give a detailed location, and the time of night the person was seen, so that the outreach team have the best chance of meeting the person.  This advice is the same, even when temperatures are not at freezing.
The council are pleased that efforts to support rough sleepers through this year have contributed to significantly less people sleeping on the streets of Ealing compared to 2017.  However, we continue to be very concerned about anyone who is still rough sleeping and especially when conditions are so cold.  Your reports help us to reach out to these very vulnerable people and to help them to move away from the streets, with appropriate support.  
Residents who are concerned about keeping their homes warm can call Ealing Healthy Homes (formerly COSIE) helpline to receive tips and information on how to keep their homes warm and their energy bills down. Additional support is also available for those who are struggling to pay their energy bills. Residents can call the freephone number on 0800 083 2265 between Monday-Friday, from 9.30am until 5.30pm.
Every year, the council works with Transport for London, the other London boroughs, the City of London and emergency services to put plans in place in the event of severe winter weather.

The council is also asking residents to be good neighbours if the cold weather continues by checking that elderly or vulnerable people in their area are safe, warm and have essential supplies. Read more about keeping warm and well in the winter.

Londoners and visitors to the city are reminded to check before they travel during any severe cold weather period, and to allow extra journey time where necessary. Passengers can check before travelling by visiting Transport for London's website.