Funding achieved to support services designed by young people

The full grant funding of £1,509,880 from the Home Office Trusted Relationships Fund will be spent over a three-year period to provide responsive 24/7 outreach to young people in the borough.

Delivered by the Trusted by Us team the service will be coproduced by young people to construct a format they consider to be trustworthy.

Working with St Christopher’s Fellowship and MAC UK, young people will be able to access the service via telephone, text, instant message and face-to-face with research taking place to establish which of these channels is most effective and offers best value.  The project will also carry out awareness events in local schools, introducing the team to young people and begin engaging at the earliest opportunity.

Councillor Yvonne Johnson, Ealing Council’s deputy leader and member for schools and children’s services said: “It is exciting that it will be the young people themselves, who are after all the experts on what they face, who will be instrumental in providing detail to inform the service design.

“This funding will allow us to build upon good work that is already being delivered to support young people at risk from exploitation and violence.  Working with St Christopher’s Fellowship will allow for a 24/7 responsive service and for young people to build relationships with adults they can trust to provide support, guidance and advice.”

Geneva Ellis, Director of Corporate Services said: “This is a really exciting opportunity to expand our work with young people at risk and introduce preventative services that will change the lives of young people across West London. It is brilliant to see the government investing money in this key area of work.

“We already have a strong partnership with Ealing Council so I am delighted we have the opportunity to build on this even further and trial new ways of working. We look forward to being able to share learning that the whole sector can benefit from and allow models to be implemented across the capital and beyond.”