Save HMRC Ealing office from closure

At a meeting of the full council on 12 June, the council passed a motion to oppose the loss of jobs and support the campaign to keep the office open beyond 2020/21.

The proposed closure will result in the loss of approximately 260 quality jobs, of which 75% are carried out by female and minority ethnic staff.

It will also mean that HMRC will no longer have a presence in Ealing, leading to a detrimental impact on other businesses in the area that the staff use.  The impact to the local economy could be as much as £1million per year.

Councillor Jasbir Anand, cabinet member for business and community services said: “We have written to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury highlighting the impact of this proposal urging him to rethink this flawed proposal. Not only will it have a detrimental impact on Ealing’s local economy but it will also mean that tax payers from Ealing and surrounding areas will have to travel further to find a local office for advice.”

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