FPN issued to Floral Creations in Hanwell cancelled

A council spokesperson said: “The head of this service contacted the owner, Mr Winter, today and following this conversation we have decided to cancel the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), even though the fine was legally valid.

“We took into account the fact that no complaints have been made about the display and we are satisfied that the flowers were not causing a hazard for passers-by at the time.

“We have reminded Mr Winter of the space he is able to use under his current licence and the steps he can take if he wants to apply for a larger display area.

“The efforts of local businesses to keep our public spaces litter-free is clearly something to be applauded and tackling antisocial behaviour across the borough continues to be a top priority for the council.

“We have listened to residents’ concerns about street drinking in Hanwell town centre and worked with both the police and the local community to identify persistent offenders - issuing them with injunctive orders to curb irresponsible behaviour. We are also looking into the possibility of a borough wide public spaces protection order (PSPO) to improve the quality of life for all our residents.

“We have a zero tolerance policy on dropping litter and have hit more than 3,700 local offenders with FPNs since the start of 2018, and successfully prosecuted 633 individuals last year.”