Tough action to keep Ealing streets clean

Keeping Ealing clear of unsightly and dangerous fly-tips is everyone’s responsibility. Residents can do their bit by ensuring that waste and bulky items are disposed of properly using council services or a reputable company. Not only does this result in cleaner streets, it also will ensure that residents avoid costly fines and even prosecutions in some cases.

Since 2016, a number of specialist enforcement teams currently operate in the borough and are responsible for discouraging, catching, and cleaning up after individuals who flout the law by dumping waste.

These teams operate at no cost to the local taxpayer, being funded through the fines imposed on those who fly-tip.

The teams collect evidence from fly-tips, which helps the council trace rubbish back to the perpetrators, making it easier to prosecute anyone who persists in illegally dumping waste.

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, the council’s cabinet member for environment, transport and leisure said: "The vast majority of residents dispose of their waste appropriately and legally. Like me, they want to see tough action taken against the disrespectful minority who fly-tip on our streets.

"This is why we have adopted one of the most proactive stances on tackling fly- tipping and our enforcement teams were set up in direct response to the concerns of residents about dumped rubbish on the borough’s streets.

“I am delighted that they are proving to be successful in driving down the amount fly-tipping and supporting our determination to prosecute perpetrators wherever we find them.

“The message to fly-tippers is clear - we will find you and we will fine you. I encourage local people to find out about the services provided by the council to help them ensure their rubbish is cleared up properly – acting responsibly now will also mean they will avoid hefty fines in the process.”

To avoid possible fines, it is important for residents to check whether a waste clearance company is licensed and legal. They can do this by entering their details at

More information about the borough’s reuse and recycling centres, how to arrange a bulky waste collection and how to find scheduled collection days, is available at

The council offers a bulky waste collection service and will collect up to eight items for £40. Residents can share bulky collections with friends and neighbours, but the items must all be collected from one location.

The council’s free app, Ealing 24/7 also allows residents to report street and environmental issues quickly and easily using their smartphone. For further info, visit

Residents can also report cases of fly-tipping online, or by calling the council’s hotline on 020 8825 8825.