North West Healthcare Trust - worst A&E waiting times in the country

These statistics highlight the strain hospitals are under, with only 57% of people with the most serious conditions (Type 1) getting treated within the four hour national target.

This latest news adds to the growing concern of campaigners opposed to the NHS Shaping a Healthier Future plans to axe emergency services in the north west London region. This includes plans to close Ealing and Charing Cross Hospitals A&E departments and cut more than 500 beds in the region.

Published on (, the findings show the north west London region is struggling to cope with patient demand and has the worst performance record out of the capital’s five regions. 

The report also shows north west London region has the highest number of people attending hospitals (27%) out of all regions in the country including A&E admissions.

With the increase in population and the importance of A&E departments, these findings heavily support the need to keep vital health services and halt plans to close services at Ealing and Charing Cross hospitals.

September A&E key findings:

• London North West Healthcare Trust (covering Ealing and Northwick Park hospitals) treated 57.0% of Type 1 patients in less than 4 hours.  This is the worst performance of any Trust in the country for this measure. 
• London North West Healthcare Trust treated 11,272 people with Type 1 conditions in its A&Es during the month of September 2017.
• In the capital, London North West Healthcare Trust (26,767) has the second highest A&E admissions.
• Performance for Type 1 attendances deteriorated sharply at the Trust from 68.2% in August to 57.0% in September.
• North West London (75%) is the worst region in the capital when treating Type 1 patients within the national target.

Council leader, Julian Bell, said: “We have excellent doctors and nurses working in our hospitals and this performance doesn’t reflect their commitment to their patients.  It shows a system buckling under the pressure of increasing demand from a growing population. How will hospitals in the area cope with the removal of two busy A&Es and the loss of 500 beds?  We are told these cuts will improve services – this is clearly bunkum.

“These figures are very concerning considering we have not yet reached the peak winter season when you would expect to see a rise in the number of people seeking A&E treatment.

“Some of the country’s leading health experts have raised serious concern about what is proposed in our area and so I have written again to Jeremy Hunt, the secretary of state for health, to ask him to scrap these plans. 

“We have lost two A&Es in the region already and cannot take any further cuts to our A&Es.  We will do everything possible to fight these plans and safeguard these vital health services for our residents.”

North West London health services include London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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